Lighting the way in Sackets Harbor

SACKETS HARBOR, NY — Candle making in the days before electricity required a lot of labor and pounds of tallow or bees wax.

Learn how candles were made in the late 17th century to mid-18th century at a Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site program.

Seasonal interpreters and living history specialist Ted Schofield show the variety of candle making equipment and lamps used before electricity.

Stop by the site’s Lieutenant’s House at the end of Main Street.

See a display of candles and candle making materials dating from the Colonial era to the Civil War.

How were candles made and what was the best way to do it? 

What were the difficulties of candle making? 

You couldn’t just flip a switch and voila – light!

Discover and share in the history of early lighting at this Battlefield site program.

Do a tour of the Commandant’s House, furnished to 1860.

The tour includes a visit to the mini-theater and exhibit on the life of War of 1812 sailors.

The Lieutenant’s House reception center, gallery and gift shop offer an orientation to the historic site.

Try out touch screen monitors and do ‘real-time chats’ with staff.