Lowville man accused of failing to update his address as a sex offender, police say

LOWVILLE, NY — Jason R. Hatcher, age and address not provided by police, was charged at 2:35 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, for failure to verify and complete an annual address verification form and submit it to the Criminal Justice Services, a felony, according to the Lowville Village Police Department.

Police said Mr. Hatcher is a level 1 sex offender and is required by law to verify and complete an annual address form and keep his address updated.

A letter from the Criminal Justice Services was mailed to Mr. Hatcher in June 2018, police said.

“Once the letter is mailed to a sex offender, the sex offenders gets 10 calendar days to complete and return it. However, to date Mr. Hatcher has never completed it or mailed it back,” police wrote.

He is ordered to appear in Lowville Village Court at a later date.