Mayoral candidate Allison Crossman: Watertown needs a trailblazer with a fresh perspective

WATERTOWN, NY — Mayoral candidate Allison Crossman released the following statement on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019:

I was elated by the amount of support I received at a Meet and Greet event held at Ives Hill Country Club yesterday evening!

I appreciate the time and generosity of everyone in attendance.

At the event, I had the opportunity to share with the crowd some of my goals as Mayor of the City of Watertown.

Below is my speech:

“While speaking with hundreds of residents from all walks of life across the City of Watertown, I have heard opinions on numerous issues the City has encountered. Although these opinions vary, one theme has been overwhelmingly present: our citizens are ready for change.

Our City deserves a leader that doesn’t leave our residents feeling drained.
We are drained by officials that leave our City more divided than empowered. It is imperative that we settle the contract disputes with the fire department by negotiating in good faith with a common understanding that we are all working for the taxpayers. No department can be protected from necessary budget cuts, but alternative income options for the fire department like billing insurance companies and agreements for payments in lieu of taxes need to be considered.

We are drained of our talented young professionals that choose to seek opportunity elsewhere. By encouraging developments that allow our residents to live, work, and play all within the City of Watertown, we can help retain our youth.

Being “business friendly” isn’t enough – we need elected officials to seek opportunities rather than wait for them to come to us. During my tenure as Vice
President of Washington Street Properties, I did just that: I effectively convinced businesses and professionals to operate and live in Downtown Watertown. For the revitalization of Downtown to continue, it is crucial that we encourage a transformation of subsidized housing to market rate. Our success thus far will plateau without infusing a population that has disposable income. Our elected
officials must also incorporate themselves into our school district by volunteering to speak to classes while also facilitating community projects to help our children build pride in their City.

And finally, we are drained by decision-makers that fail to lead with transparency. We cannot allow one private business to be favored over another and we cannot continue to support a network that neglects the rest of the City while taking care of itself. We require a leader that recognizes when its administration is dysfunctional and can act accordingly.

The City of Watertown needs a trailblazer with a fresh perspective that isn’t afraid to go against the status quo. As your next Mayor, I pledge to adhere to these qualities and to be the change that our City needs.

On November 5th, vote for change. Vote for Allison Crossman.”