New York’s first drive-thru winery opened in Jefferson County

COLLINS LANDING —  The NY State Liquor Authority has recently modified their policies concerning alcohol sales in New York during the Corona Virus crisis.  Although the Tasting Room has been mandated to temporarily close for its on-premise store guests.  The good news is that the winery will remain open at 50% staffing for our normal business hours (10 AM – 5 PM Daily) until further notice.

Wine sales will continue in four new and innovative ways.

We’re making it our goal to make your shopping experience as safe and sanitized as possible.

Option #1:  Winery Drive Thru

Local winery customers may approach the “Winery Drive Thru Arch” and read the menu.  When they are ready to order, they will ring the buzzer and a winery attendant will approach the vehicle and take the customer’s order.

The attendant will go retrieve the customers order and bring it to the vehicle.  The customer can either pay in cash or use their credit card at the vehicle.  The transaction will be completed safely and securely at the vehicle.  Then the customer can go home and safely enjoy their favorite wine selection, food, and merchandise.

Option #2:  Customer Pickup

The winery has also created a local 15-minute pickup option on their website.  In this case, the wine will be preordered and paid by the customer online.  It will be processed immediately and prepared for pickup.  15 minutes from the time of order, the customer may arrive at the “Winery Drive Thru Arch” and the wine will be brought out to the vehicle by a winery attendant.

Option #3:  Order Online

Customers can order wine and merchandise online at: . UPS will deliver it right to their doorstep.  Free shipping on one or more cases of wine.

Option #4:  Home Delivery 

Wine will be ordered by the customer online.  It will be processed immediately and prepared for delivery.  Based on orders, the wine will be distributed by a winery vehicle and a uniformed winery employee by a specified time.  It will be paid for online. 

Presently this service has a 4-bottle minimum and the customer must also order a winery food item. (30 mile range from the winery).  Deliveries further than 30 miles may be possible but will be based on the situation, call the winery at 315-482-9306 to inquire.

Option #5: Liquor and Wine Stores

Visit your local Liquor and Wine Store.  In New York, all Liquor and Wine Stores are still in operation and are being restocked daily.

Good News:  There is no foreseeable shortages of wine from Thousand Islands Winery currently.

From the Thousand Islands Winery Staff: Thank you for your patronage and understanding!