NYS DMV encourages New Yorkers to renew expired documents as extension nears the end

Extension of Expired Vehicle Registrations and Non-Driver Identification Cards to End November 3 

New Yorkers Can Renew Non-Driver IDs and Vehicle Registrations Online or by Mail 

DMV Encourages New Yorkers to Renew Driver Licenses, and Get Vehicles Inspected  

ALBANY, NY —  The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles urged New Yorkers to renew their expired documents as the extension on vehicle registrations and non-driver IDs nears the end. Vehicle registrations including temporary auto dealer registrations and non-driver identification cards that expired in March or after will no longer remain valid after November 3. New Yorkers can easily renew their registrations and non-driver IDs on the DMV website.

Driver licenses, permits and vehicle inspections that expired during the Coronavirus pandemic have been extended at least through November 3. The DMV encourages those who need to renew a driver license to do so online, and vehicle owners should get their vehicles inspected if they are past due. Inspection stations have been open throughout the pandemic and must comply with health and safety guidelines to ensure the protection of their customers.

“The State took extraordinary steps to protect the health and safety of the public during the height of the COVID-19 health emergency including closing DMV offices and extending the validity of vital documents to reduce the burden on New Yorkers,” said DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder. “As the extension for non-driver IDs and vehicle registrations sunsets, I encourage those who need to renew their documents to use our website; it is fast and easy to do. Those who need to schedule a road test, renew their driver license or get their vehicle inspected should not delay.” 

How to Renew a Vehicle Registration  

New Yorkers can renew a registration online or by mail.  The DMV website explains how to renew a registration.  

To renew a vehicle registration, New Yorkers will need:  

·         registration (plate) number – see where to find a plate number 

·         registration class – see where to find the registration class 

·         the last name of the person on the registration (or business name) 

·         payment for registration fees 

The renewal fee is provided on a customer’s renewal notice.  It will also display on the computer screen for those who renew online. When a customer renews online, they can download and print a temporary registration to use while they wait for the new registration documents to arrive in the mail.  

How to Renew a Non-Driver ID 

New Yorkers can renew a non-driver ID online or by mail.  The DMV website explains how to renew a non-driver ID and what the associated fees are.  

To renew online, customers will need:  

·         9-Digit DMV ID Number  

·         Date of Birth 

·         Last 4-Digits of Social Security Number (SSN)  

·         5-Digit ZIP Code 

·         Email Address  

When a customer renews online, they can download and print a temporary ID to use while they wait for the new document to arrive in the mail.  

In addition to renewing online or by mail, a limited number of in-office reservations are available for customers who must renew in person.  

New Yorkers can also visit the DMV website to find out how to renew a license and to find an inspection station.