Official statement from City Council

On Tuesday, Watertown City Council was made aware that an investigation into complaints made by a City employee was completed. During the week, we each had the opportunity to read the entire report resulting from the investigation. Nothing was withheld, and we each reviewed the initial complaint, all interviews conducted throughout the process and supporting documents.

The investigation was completed by.a third party, non-biased firm, first retained by then Mayor Jeffrey Graham in 2014. As a whole, we felt that utilizing an independent, third-party professional firm was critical so as to minimize liability to the City and to provide an unbiased outcome.

On Friday, Council met for more than three hours in Executive Session to thoroughly discuss the investigation. As a Council, we would like to make it clear we did not come to the conclusion that claims of a hostile work environment were substantiated. However, the report did identify issues of concern.

As such, Mr. Rick Finn has decided to resign his position as City Manager, citing the accumulated stress of the investigation and his desire to move beyond its claims. The Council has agreed to accept his resignation, effective close of business on January 24, 2020.

In light of Mr. Finn’s resignation, Council has appointed Kenneth A. Mix as City Manager on an interim basis.

Mr. Mix has more than thirty years of experience with the City of Watertown, and previously served as the City’s Planning and Community Development Coordinator. Council took swift action in an effort to maintain continuity of government for residents.

In the very near future, we will begin the process of identifying an individual to serve as the City’s new, permanent Manager.