Overnight work to begin on T.I. Bridge

ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY — The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA) will begin traffic control operations on Sunday, May 5th and finish approximately Friday, June 21st.

Traffic control operations will take place on the US and Canadian crossings between the overnight hours of 10:00pm to 6:00am, Sunday evenings through Friday mornings and will require alternating one way traffic due to a single lane closure on each crossing.

There will not be any work that would impede normal two-way traffic operations on Saturdays and Sundays up to 10:00pm daily; however, momentary delays may be experienced.

Regular traffic operations will be maintained all day during the following holidays; Canadian – Victoria Day / U.S. – Memorial Day.

TIBA’s bridge crews will be completing annual cleaning and maintenance of the entire bridge system. This procedure is conducted annually in order to prepare the bridges for seasonal painting programs, carried out by TIBA staff. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority performs its scheduled maintenance work at a time that will have the least impact on traffic, while allowing bridge personnel to accomplish their maintenance programs in the safest environment possible. Maintenance and cleaning of the bridges will begin simultaneously on both the U.S. and Canadian spans.

We appreciate your patience while recognizing our safety precautions and temporary traffic control.

Thousand Islands Bridge Authority news release