Page 2: Deer of the Day


A nice 8 point taken Nov 17 by Todd Johnson and his hunting buddy Austin while having a conversation about some tracks they were following,

Matthew Rockefeller took this deer on Dec. 5 in Jefferson county

Ethan Bonk shot this one with his stepfather in November 2019.

Ulrike Iles shot this 10 point buck in Pamelia just before Thanksgiving.

Ally Wallace Delair took her first deer on Nov. 15 in the town of Watertown.

Kurt Widrick took this buck on 11/19/19 on state land in Jefferson County. My first public land buck. I put in a lot scouting and hours of planning to make this happen and my first hunt for this buck I was able to take him.

Brock Hubbard shot this 200lb 11 point on Nov. 22 in the town of Cape Vincent.

Shanna Roberts with her first doe on November 23, 2019 with her youngest son Michael by her side.

Scott Smith shot this 10 point on Nov. 23 in the town of Rutland.

Justin Petrie with an 8 pointer shot at 7:30 am in Redfield, NY, with a .308… very grateful I shared the experience with dad.

Angelica Smith sealed the deal on her first buck and doe double. She let her 30-06 bark and harvested the buck at well over 200yds. 11/23/19

Lukas Slate, 16, shot his first buck (an 8-point) on Saturday, November 16th on the Slate Family land in Tylerville.

Mike Ross, harvested this 11 point on Nov. 16, 2019, while on an annual hunting trip with family in Schuyler County.

Krissy Cobb, 24, Glenfield, NY, shot this big boy in the town of Greig on Nov. 19, 2019, around 3:30pm. Ten point with 19-inch spread abd 4-inch base! Her first buck. Shot it with 30-30. That’s how it’s done boys.

William Johnston of Watertown shot this monster 8 point on Nov. 17, 2019.

This 14 point buck weighing 180 pounds was harvested on Nov. 17, 2019, on state land in Yates County by Walter Rolfe of Watertown, NY.

Deer taken by Dan Rowell on Nov. 2, 2019.

On Nov. 18, 2019, Kelley Fraser Zimmerman of Ellisburg harvested her first deer ever. A nice 6 pt 165 lb buck that was following a doe.

Super birthday week! Christopher Vaughn turned 14 and was gifted his very first hunting license on November 15th. On the 16th, he was gifted a new .308 rifle.  A few short hours later, he shot his first doe in Henderson.

Ben Wiley, 15, shot his first buck, 10 point, 186 pounds on Pillar Point on Nov. 16, 2019.

Justin Ames, Adams, NY, harvested this mature 5 point in the town of Worth (in the big woods) 11-16-19.

Kris Reff harvested this 212 lb buck in the Adirondacks.

Baily Wilkinson with his doe taken with his cousin Mikey Peebles on Pillar Point on Nov. 16, 2019.

Kevin and Russell bagged this nice 6 point while at camp in the tree stand together near Ogdensburg.

Connor MacKay, 16, Clayton, shot his first buck on Nov. 8.  This 8 point was taken on his grandparents’ land in Depauville.

Sharlene Todd, 79, from Lake Bonaparte shot her first buck on Nov 7th. This 10 pointer weighed in at 175 pounds. Yes, it’s at the taxidermist!

Gabrielle Harland helped her Papa Gregg harvest this nice 8 point on their land in the town of Oswegatchie on Nov. 6. Gabby actually called him in with her grunt call.

A nice 172# 9pt. shot by Ricky Beebee of Evans Mills, NY onhis yearly hunting trip to Stanly County in North Carolina. Deer taken 11/13/2019 5:18pm. 2 days after he took a 5pt. Same stand 10 yards apart… heck of a trip this year!

Melinda Tyo, Rodman, with a 206 pound 8 point taken on Nov. 9, 2019.

Carter Hunt, Brownville, with a deer taken on Nov. 11.

Hunter Foley harvested this 205 pound 10 pt on 11/9/19, one year to the day after harvesting an 8 pt on 11/9/18.

Eric Sanders, 16 from Burrville, New York shot his first buck of the season on Ridge Road, Watertown, NY. This 8 point weighed in at 168 pounds and will make a great wall mount.

Chelsea Brouty shot this 171 pound 8 point on 11/9/19 in Lewis County.

Rick Combs got this 8 point out in Pillar Point. Rick made the bow and arrows himself.

Another successful season. Bill Hoover harvested this 225lb 10 point tank on 11/9/19.

Jerrid Zimmerman, with his son Ryder, took this 9 point shot on his family property Nov 9, 2019.

Hunter Brown shot her first deer, this 7 point on Oct. 26, 2019.

Craig Coffey and his daughter Delaney, Canton, with a deer harvested on Nov. 3.

Kyle Smithing took this 8 point buck in the town of Martinsburg on Nov. 5.

Cassidy Durgan with her first doe on Nov. 2, 2019.

Lane Netto with a nice 8-point harvested Nov. 3.

Matt Moran too this 7-point, 160-deer on Nov. 2 near LaFargeville. “First time this property this year and it only took a half hour.”

Gianna Netto made a perfect long shot to take this beauty on Nov. 2.

Joe Snyder, Alexandria Bay, took this 8 point buck on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Lacey Ewald 16, took this 8 point 168.7 lbs buck in Lorriane on Nov. 1, while hunting with Doug Collins. “He thought I missed!”

Josh Kurtz of Worth shot this 9 point on state land in the town of Ellisburg on Saturday, Nov. 2. Thanks Brandon Harmych and Tucker Bovee.

Tanner Edwards shot this 10pt on Sunday, Oct. 27.

David Lillie took this 6-point in the town of Lorraine during open week of rifle.

Damon Towles took this 7 point buck with his 30-06 outside the village of Adams on state land.

Kendra Widrick took this 8-point during youth weekend hunting on the family farm with her grandma.

Clif Snyder shot this nice 8 pt in town of Brownville on opening day of rifle. The buck dressed out at 187 lbs.

Adam Bikelhopt and Tristan Simons, both of Hammond NY, with their deer they both got on the last day of muzzleloader.

Jessica Combs with her second deer of the year. This time with her savage 243.

Adam Bickelhaupt, Hammond, NY, took this 6 point on the last day of muzzleloader.

Jessica Combs took her first deer with a crossbow on Oct. 19, 2019, in the town of Watertown.

Alex Lyndaker, Copenhagen, took this 11-point on opening day of muzzle loader.

Angel Halladay, 14, Hammond, NY, took her first deer, a 6-point buck near Brier Hill on Oct. 13 during the youth hunt. Angel is on the Hammond central school trap team for black lake fish and game club. Parents are Phillip Halladay and Rose Halladay.

Courtney Bova, Hammond, took her first buck, a 6-point on opening day of muzzleloader, Oct. 19, 2019, in Hammond.

Sid Wheeler took this 7 point and 175 pounds deer on Saturday, October 19.

Jim Fralick with his 180lb 9pt harvested at 8am on the opening day of muzzle loader season in the town of Watertown. Many thanks to brother Tim in helping drag this one out of the brush. Thank God for that hoist!

Noah Comet, Lowville, harvested this healthy doe during the NYSDEC Youth Deer Hunt on Oct. 13, 2019, with his father on a friend’s farmland. It was his very first time afield and he easily helped track it afterwards. Proud hunter and an even prouder dad!

15-year-old Gabby Earl of Turin and Boonville, NY, took down this 8-point buck with one shot during youth hunt weekend in the town of Lewis, using her Savage .308.

During the youth hunt  Raychael Bisig bagged this nice doe while sitting with her Grandmother, Kim Bisig. She was hunting on her families land in Henderson, NY, using Grandma Kimmy’s Remington, 270 rifle.  Shot Sunday Oct. 13, 2019.

Samuel Clement (age 16) of Cape Vincent, took this monster 11-point in Steuben County, NY, on Oct. 6, 2019.

Carin on a hunt with her family on Oct. 1, 2019, in Gillette, Wyoming, took this antelope buck.

Ken Reed’s heavy 8-point buck taken on Nov. 29, 2018.

Timothy J. Van Brocklin, Redwood, harvested this 8-point on Dec. 2 in the town of Alexandria, NY.

David Stalker Jr. harvested this deer in Macedon, NY.

Brian Mee Jr. shot this his first buck. This 8-point was taken on  Dec. 1, 2018, near Chaumont. It walked directly underneath the stand waited for a better shot around 30 yards.

Kaleb Cullen with his five point buck, and little brother Karson. Kaleb took his first deer on Nov. 25  while setting with his dad.

Deer shot by Jesse Bearup, 22, in Redwood NY. Wasn’t even in the field for 10 minutes before this 185-pound, 8-point buck walked in. Shot with his 7mm-08.

Justin Trevett of Woodville, NY took this six point Tuesday ,Nov.27 outside of Adam, NY.

Jack Bruce took this eight point Monday morning, Nov. 26, on Pillar Point.

Tanner LaPlant, 18, from Edwards, N.Y., shot this 203-pound, 10-point, on Nov. 24 on private land in the town of Edwards.

Well, that’s how it’s done. Bill Hoover with his non typical 18-point beast. Shot 11/24 in Cape. Just another day in the tree.

Jenna Sharp shot a beautiful 8-point on 11/25/18. Her first buck ever while she was hunting with her fiance’ Dylon Dusharm. She wasnt sitting in the woods 10 minutes and this deer walked up to her.

Rob Moore shot this 9-point, 174-pound buck in Candia, NH, on Sunday morning, Nov. 25. He was only in the woods for a couple of minutes when he came up on it.

Corey Cullen shot this 11-point buck near Natural Bridge, NY, while hunting with some friends on NY State property.

Caleb Hoch shot this 9-point buck in the Town of Webb.

A big male coyote called in and taken in Henderson by James Bray.

Ryan Sprague, 16, shot his first buck on Saturday, Nov. 17, with his grandfather Martin Cumoletti. They hunted the Southern Tier. This was Ryan’s first time there and he shot the – point buck

Rick Rosbrook (with his son Derek) shot this 8-point on Saturday morning, Nov. 24, in the town of Pamelia.

Hailey Norton shot this 4-point while hunting with her Papa on Nov. 23, 2018.

Ryan Reynolds with an 8-point taken on Nov. 17 on private land in Theresa.

Todd Parody shot this 9 point in Stueben County. Special thanks Barb and Tom Hulbert.

Connor and Trevor McCune were sure proud of their dad, Nate McCune for getting over his 7 yrs of bad luck by shooting this nice 8 pointer.

Mike Goodwin shot this 4-point at 200 yards on Nov. 18 while hunting with his dad outside Depauville.

This 10-point was taken by Sandy Gillette on November 11 on the family farm in town of Orleans.

83-year-old Roberta Jackson shot this buck in Clayton early Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.

Brantley Brock was proud of his dad, Darien Brock, who harvested this nice 8-point buck On Nov. 10.

Rylee Wells, Parishville, took her first deer on Nov. 13. First shot ever, she’s batting 1.000. Great job.

Jessie Disotell shot this 8-point on November 11, 2018, in Clayton NY.

Chad Cullen shot this deer at 4:20 p.m. Nov. 12, 2018, in the town of Lyme.

Derek Ritz of Rodman shot this nice 8 point on Nov. 10 in the town of Lorraine.

Dan Church shot this nice 190 lb, 8-point buck on Nov. 14, 2018, near his home in Copenhagen while hunting with his son Dallas Church and friend Carl Roberts.