Price Chopper issues recall of Pics brand Southwest Trail Mix

SCHENECTADY, NY  –  Price Chopper/Market 32 is issuing a voluntary recall on 12oz./6-pack PICS Southwest Trail Mix with UPC 41735 04102. This product is being recalled because the ingredients listed on the package are for a different variety of Trail Mix and are, therefore, incorrect.

Customers who purchased the affected product and desire a refund should hold their product and the receipt until Price Chopper/Market 32 resumes its refund program, which is on hold due to COVID-19. Customers will receive a full refund at their local Price Chopper/Market 32 when refunds resume being accepted again.

For more information, please contact (732) 650-9905, or contact Price Chopper/Market 32 at 800-666-7667 or

Many of the customers who purchased this item have already been contacted through Price Chopper/Market 32’s Broadnet recall notification program, which uses purchase data and consumer phone numbers on file in connection with the company’s AdvantEdge (loyalty) card to alert those households that may have purchased the product in question.