Putorti responds to alleged homophobic attack



Statement by Matt Putorti

“As an out gay person, I was really excited to announce my campaign for Congress during Pride and knew what I was getting into. Less than a week later, I got this anonymous voicemail full of hate and homophobia. [Trigger warning.] While I’m not surprised, it’s not ok.

I struggled over whether we should release the voicemail. I don’t want to give literal voice to hate. But, after a lot of thought, my team and I decided to release it. I am doing this so that people can learn about what queer people still face today and to expose our politics to ourselves. Listen to it. Hearing hate hits differently than reading it in a comment section.

I know that a hate-filled voicemail is nothing compared to what many of my other queer siblings have experienced–especially those who are trans. So, let me first say clearly to queer people, especially queer children: you are perfect as you are, and you are loved by a whole community of people.

If you are an ally, tell your queer friends that you love them and will stand with them. I know the North Country is full of those allies. In fact, Democrats and Republicans in the North Country worked together to help pass marriage equality in New York. Now we need to come together to pass the Equality Act. And I expect everyone to treat every person with dignity and respect during this race.

Finally, to the caller: My queer siblings and I are braver than you will ever be. But, if you want to talk person-to-person in a civil manner, please reach out; we can share a spaghetti dinner together.”