Samaritan Summit Village employee tests positive for COVID-19

WATERTOWN, NY —  On Thursday, July 23, Samaritan Health received notice one staff member in the skilled nursing facility at Samaritan Summit Village tested positive. The staff member was asymptomatic, exhibited no outward signs of being ill, and was unaware they had the virus. This employee has tested negative with each weekly test since May, until receiving this positive result on July 23. This staff member did not travel and was not aware of being exposed to the virus.

“Due to this positive result, regulatory guidance and our approved plan for visitation state that Summit Village’s skilled nursing facility must suspend limited visitation immediately. While we understand that limited visitation was only announced a few days ago, we must follow state guidance and take this action to ensure what is best for our skilled nursing residents. All fence and virtual visits will continue as normal, and limited visitation may resume after the skilled nursing facility is COVID-free for 28 days.”

Please note that this does not impact limited visitation for assisted living residents, which will continue.

“We have performed over 7,600 COVID-19 tests on all Samaritan long-term care staff members, with only eight total positive results so far, with only two from Summit Village staff. In May, we tested residents at Samaritan Summit Village who were willing to be tested and all were negative.  We’re confident the additional precautions staff have been taking, including wearing masks and regular, deep sanitization of the facility, have greatly limited exposure.”

“We are taking this new development very seriously and following all New York State Department of Health directives regarding testing and contact tracing to minimize exposure.”

“We have notified resident families.”