Sandy Creek welcomes new National Honor Society inductees

SANDY CREEK, NY —  Sandy Creek High School recently inducted new members into the prestigious National Honor Society. The evening started with a dinner to celebrate the inductees and their families. The dinner was then followed by the induction ceremony, which saw all inductees dressed in their blue robes and holding their candles, which were to be lit as part of the ceremony.

Existing members of the National Honor Society gave a few brief speeches, which highlighted the honor, commitment, and expectations of being a member of the National Honor Society. The ceremony closed with new members lighting their candles, symbolizing the completion of their induction, and recognizing them as a full member of the National Honor Society.

“I am really proud of these students and the commitment they have shown to themselves and their school,” said High School Principal, Kevin Seymour. “This ceremony is also really nice for the community, because it has been a while since we’ve been able to have folks gathered in the auditorium. It felt great to have
families back here with us.”

New members inducted that night were as follows: Marissa Brennan, Abby Chen, Elizabeth Glazier, Jessica Graham, Maiya Hathway, UnaRose McNitt, Nikolai Rosenbaum,  Olivia Rudd, Abrielle Soluri.