Schorr announces City Council run

WATERTOWN, NY —  Robert T. Schorr announces today that he is seeking election to Watertown City Council.

Mr. Schorr has previously run for a council seat after winning in the June 2019 primary but eventually falling short in the November 2019 election.

Mr. Schorr is a nearly lifelong resident of the City of Watertown having been born, raised and educated here.  He is a 1986 Watertown High School graduate and attended Jefferson Community college with courses in Banking and Criminal Justice.

Mr. Schorr is currently employed as a paratransit driver for Cleveland Medical Transport, a driver for city paratransit (by contract through Clevelands) and a body retrieval tech for the Medical Examiners office (by contract through Clevelands) and a Process Server for the last 32 years. His previous business experience consisted of being an operator of the family business, Schorrs’ Service Center and Carwash (formerly Schorrs’ Sunoco)  Robert is also a 33 year veteren of the fire service currently serving as a volunteer with the Town of Watertown Fire Department.

Goals Robert would like to get accomplished if elected to City Council include:

– With the National Grid contract coming to an end in 2029, looking into methane gas programs  for energy savings with onsite electrical power production of the city’s wastewater facility and surrounding area ( the city pool, municipal arena, and the county fairgrounds), and the possibility of converting biogas to biomethane to be injected into the gas grid .   Thus cutting down on the carbon footprint instead of burning it off and releasing it into the atmosphere..

– Repromoting the Black River as a world class site for kayaking.     To get this valuable asset of ours to produce not only an increase of tourism into the area  but also the generation of needed  tax dollars.

– Allocating resources properly to keep infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks in good condition.  Lately there are projects getting ready to move forward that make no sense, such as parts of the Court Street Bridge rehabilitation project.  That project calls for the entire resurfacing of Coffeen Street, when resurfacing is badly needed in the 500 thru 700 blocks of LeRay Street (a major route into the city from the north) as well as the  400 thru 200 blocks of West Main Street. ( a major east-west connector through the northside of the city)

– To put an ending to what seems like a never ending battle with the fire department.  There has been cost savings ideas around since 2003 of putting the fire department on a 24 hour shift with a cost savings back then of $200,000 to $750,000 annually.  Also, in keeping with nationally accepted standards of 15 personnel per shift.  Current policies in reduction of emergency medical services are dangerous to the publics safety and well being and should not be done, nor should they be used as a means to  give inference to reduced calls  equals no need for the current minimum manning.  This is cause a significant rise in overtime as of late.

I look forward to your support for my run for Watertown City Council.  It is time to common sense back into  city government.