Schumer doubles down on push for Army to select Fort Drum for multi-domain task force site


Fort Drum Is In The Final Rounds Of Selection For The Army’s New Multi-Domain Task Force To Address New Global Threats, Which Would Bring Millions In New Infrastructure And Potentially Thousands Of New Soldiers To The North Country Base

Schumer Has Been Fighting Non-Stop To Elevate Fort Drum, And As Decision Gets Closer, He Again Calls Army Secretary Wormuth To Highlight Base As Ideal Spot For Next Phase Of Army’s Growth To Combat New National Security Threats From Countries Like Russia And China

Schumer To DoD: Fort Drum Is Mission Ready, Best In The Country To Lead The Future Of The Army  

WASHINGTON, DC —  Doubling down on his relentless advocacy to elevate Fort Drum, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today revealed that Fort Drum is in the final rounds of selection for the next U.S. Army Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF), and he has personally called the Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth to make the case for the North Country base. Schumer explained that if selected to host the MDTF, Fort Drum would be at the center of the Army’s mission to combat emerging national security threats, bringing millions of dollars in new infrastructure investment, potentially thousands of more soldiers, and further support the long-term stability of the base.

“Fort Drum is one of the most advanced military bases in the nation and is fully prepared to lead the next phase of the Army’s growth as the host for its Multi-Domain Task Force. During my call with Army Secretary Wormuth, I stressed that Fort Drum is the clear choice, and that there is no better place to lead the mission in protecting our national security,” said Senator Schumer. “Fort Drum is woven into the very fabric of the North Country, and there is no community more eager, able, and willing to help support our nation in this vital mission.”

On the call, Schumer explained how Fort Drum has some of the best infrastructure and mission-ready resources in the nation, which make it uniquely prepared to host a new MDTF unit. The MDTF program represents the future of the Army’s efforts to combat the threat to U.S. national security. This new effort combines land, air, sea, cyber, and space capabilities into one unit that supports combatant commanders (i.e. joint forces). The Army has planned to build five MDTFs: split between the east and west, with three units focused on the Pacific and two units focused on Europe and global response.

Schumer has routinely highlighted how Fort Drum is uniquely suited to lead the Army’s new efforts facing the U.S. Central and European Command. The base is host to the Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield, which serves as the primary departure airfield for the 10th Mountain Division and provides support to military forces at Fort Drum training for international contingency operations. Fort Drum already has approximately 500 soldiers deployed in support of European allies and partners, and has a long history of conducting critical joint exercise with allies like Finland. 

This latest call builds on Schumer’s relentless efforts to elevate Fort Drum and the North Country to the Army. When the Army first announced the consideration of Fort Drum for the MDTF, the senator sent a letter to the Army supporting Fort Drum’s candidacy, he then followed up those efforts personally calling the Army Secretary to highlight his support last fall, and now has doubled down on those efforts again for the North Country. The Army is expected to make their decision on the location of the next two MDTF units is expected soon.

Schumer has also worked for years to deliver major federal investment to enhance the bases capabilities for new opportunities like an MDTF unit. Schumer fought for years, personally calling the former Army Secretary, Defense Secretary and Army Chief Of Staff to deliver over $27 million in federal funding to construct a new railhead at Fort Drum, a top priority for the base. The senator also delivered over $21 million for a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Hangar at Fort Drum, and he secured $27 million for Fort Drum in the FY22 omnibus to replace the base’s existing water supply that was vulnerable to multiple forms of contamination, requiring Fort Drum to purchase half of its water supply from a municipal source.

Most recently, Schumer secured nearly $10 million for two major Fort Drum projects in the end-of-year spending package for FY2023. Over $3 million will go towards the planning and design of a new, modern physical fitness testing facility field house, and $6.8 million will modernize and upgrade the Access Control Point (ACP) at Fort Drum, ensuring the security of those working on the base. The funding secured by the senator will help ensure the long-term stability and vitality of Fort Drum for years to come.