Schumer meets with incoming Fort Drum commanding general at US Capitol

WASHINGTON, DC —  On Tuesday, March 23, Senator Schumer met with Brigadier General Beagle, the incoming Commanding General of the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.

At his office in the United State Capitol, Schumer reiterated his strong support of the high caliber servicemembers of Fort Drum and the critical role they play in our nation’s defense, as well as the positive impact the base has on the surrounding communities and the whole North Country. Schumer reminded General Beagle of Fort Drum’s unique partnership with the North Country – given that there are no schools of hospital on base, military families have seamlessly integrated into the community and rely on local services.

The majority leader has a long record of advocating for Fort Drum, including the maintenance and expansion of personnel, missions and assets. Many of the projects Schumer championed continue to be underway at Fort Drum, and in the surrounding community, include the new UAV hanger, railhead modernization, and most recently, the Watertown YMCA community center.

Senator Schumer relayed a standing offer of assistance to Brigadier General Beagle as he takes the reigns in Fort Drum.