Statement from Assemblyman Walczyk


“This hip-fire closure plan reminds me of the Cuomo administration.

Leaders plan.  During the budget hearings earlier this year, I made it clear to the Commissioner of DOCCS that you don’t announce the closure of a State prison and then figure out what to do with the building later.  Closing a prison with no plan is lazy, it’s not fair for the hardworking staff, and devastating to a host community like Ogdensburg.  It’s also pretty terrible for the taxpayer, too.

The move to close the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility proves to me the Commissioner and the Governor didn’t listen.  The St. Lawrence County economy relies on the more than 250 jobs associated with this facility.  State leaders in Albany didn’t plan accordingly and instead, they have torpedoed the upstate economy.

I’m calling on Governor Hochul to exercise some transparency, listen to reason, and develop a closure plan that’s logistically sound and fair to all concerned.  I stand side-by-side with our region’s brave COs and staff.

Additionally, everything she’s done so far has shown Governor Hochul cares more about the comfortable lifestyle of convicted, violent felons than she does about Corrections Officers, Law Enforcement, taxpayers, or safety on our streets.”