Statement from St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells

CANTON, NY — In light of the recent changes in the NYS Board of Election dates for circulating of signatures and the earlier time table that has been caused by these changes the timing for announcements for upcoming elections is here.

These announcements would ordinarily take place closer to April but with these changes here we are.

I would like to announce that after full consideration I have made the determination to not seek re-election for the Office of Sheriff, St. Lawrence County. The plan is to retire at the end of this term.

This is a difficult decision as it is a profession that I love and it is an honor to serve as Sheriff and be responsible for the Office of Sheriff here in St. Lawrence County. I have strived to make this career about the people that we serve and about the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and about the Country, State and County that we have taken an oath to protect. I have always tried to deflect personal praise and make sure that people know that it is our employees both sworn and non-sworn that make this Office strong.

The next almost 11 months of my term will bring us to a culmination of a 35 year career with the Sheriff’s Office which has included the ranks of Deputy Sheriff/ Patrol Officer, Juvenile Sergeant, Undersheriff (8 years) and Sheriff for what will be three terms (12 years). During those times I take great pride in many
accomplishments that include the Office’s first D.A.R.E. Officer, juvenile work, patrol years and have enjoyed so many opportunities to train and provide for Public Safety for this County. 20 years of Administrative work and interaction with all facets of this office has been rewarding.

It has been an honor to have served for and with two excellent Sheriff’s before me with Sheriff Keith Knowlton as my original Sheriff starting in 1984 and continuing with Sheriff Gary Jarvis. So many of my peers that have influenced my career have retired and some have passed away and are missed. I truly appreciate the tremendous service that this Sheriff’s Office provides to our community and while it is not always recognized by some of the public or media this service is done with courage, professionalism and honor by our men and women of this law enforcement agency. For these efforts I am proud of all of them.