Stefanik campaign: We won debate

GLENS FALLS, NY — Stefanik campaign Communications Director Lenny Alcivar today released the following statement following today’s Spectrum debate:

“Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was the overwhelming winner of tonight’s debate, standing with North Country voters in supporting our US military and our veterans, promoting a strong immigration and border security policy, standing with our farmers and working on a bipartisan basis to make health care more affordable and more accessible” said Alcivar.

“While Congresswoman Stefanik highlighted her bipartisan record of results, Democrat Tedra Cobb once again failed to offer any substantive policy proposals, dodging on her support for Governor Andrew Cuomo while opposing the Farm Bill, our military defense bill and US-Canadian trade.

“For the second debate in a row, Congresswoman Stefanik was tonight’s clear winner. The Stefanik campaign thanks our supporters for watching this important debate, and Spectrum News for hosting all the candidates as a service to the voters of the 21st District.”