Students urged to bring their Chromebooks home over Christmas break

Watertown City School District: Proactive Remote Planning

We are very grateful we have been able to have our students in-person for five days each week this year so far. We are hoping that remains the case for the rest of the year! There are no plans for our district to go fully remote, and there has been no news provided that this is a plan from NYS Department of Health, Jefferson County Public Health, or NYS Education Department.

But, we are proactively planning in case things change over the holiday break.

Grades 7-12 students already bring their Chromebooks home daily, and we want to remind them to bring them home on Thursday, December 23.

For grades K-6, students will be bringing their Chromebooks home on Wednesday, December 22, if they have a completed Chromebook Agreement form on file. Building principals and secretaries will be in touch if this is not currently on file in their office.

All students should plan to bring their Chromebooks back to school with them on Monday, January 3. K-6 students should also bring back their chargers with them.

During and after the break, we will actively monitor COVID-19 case numbers, as we already do daily, and update you with any changes that might occur. If we do have to go fully remote, more information on daily instruction will be shared, but students can overall expect to follow their daily schedules each day.

Thank you for your continued support each and every day.