Susan Duffy for Assembly statement

News release

Republican Assembly candidate Susan Duffy is urging North Country voters to join her in urging Governor Kathy Hochul to stop the radical leftist Democrats controlling the state legislature from enacting their pro-criminal, anti-police, anti-victim agenda that will make New Yorkers less safe on their streets and in their homes.

“Far left Democrats and their socialisty allies want to use their super majorities controlling the state legislature to help murderers, child sex predators and career criminals get out of prison sooner and hide their horrific histories so they can get jobs in nursing homes, schools and businesses that serve our most vulnerable citizens,” said Duffy. “I believe that when a judge and jury sends a murderer or career criminal to prison for life, we should understand it’s done to protect our families, our neighborhoods and our communities.”

“Our state legislators need to fight against pro-criminal laws with misleading names like “clean slate,” “elder parole,” and other smoke and mirror buzz words that are aimed at freeing gangsters, serial killers, rapists and others who have repeatedly shown they have no regard for our families,” she said. “If  Republican voters choose me as their nominee when they come out to vote in the June 28th primary, I will lead the fight to make New York State a safe place to live again.”

“I never thought I would see the day when we would have drug houses and meth labs in small rural towns across Jefferson and St. Lawrence County,” said Duffy. “Crime is rising. Even our police feel it’s unsafe to do their jobs. That’s why we need to send someone to Albany who is not afraid to confront those who would destroy our way of life with their pro-criminal social experiments.”

“Democratic one-party rule has transformed New York State into an unsafe place for children and families,” said Duffy. “Democratic policies have caused a 44 percent rise in crime in New York City over the last three months, a 37 percent increase in major crimes and a 16 percent increase in shootings.”

“Cars thefts have skyrocketed, robberies are rising and Democrats are in denial that their efforts to speed up the release of criminals from our jails and prisons are directly responsible for the problems we are seeing in both large and small communities,” Duffy said. “That’s why we need to send someone to Albany who will stand up and speak out. I am not a career politician. If Republican voters choose me in the June primary, they will get an angry mom who is willing to fight to protect our families and children.”

Susan M Duffy

Candidate for Assembly 116th District

P.O. Box 23

Waddington, NY 13694