Suspected drugs seized at Cape Vincent Correctional Facility, union says

CAPE VINCENT, NY –  Officers processing mailed packages to inmates located contraband in two mailed packages at the medium security correctional facility this week.

On Monday,  an officer inspecting boxes of Dove soap noticed irregularities in the boxes. The boxes were opened and the officer recovered 36 grams of a green leafy substance suspected to be either marijuana or synthetic marijuana. The officer also recovered 32 orange strips believed to be Suboxone. The suspected drugs were wrapped in two cellophane bundles inside the boxes.

The boxes were mailed to an inmate from the Utica area.

On Wednesday,  an officer inspecting mailed packages located 40 orange strips that were hidden inside of the binder of a book mailed to an inmate. The orange strips are believed to be Suboxone. They were mailed from an individual from Syracuse.

The suspected drugs were seized as evidence.

“Drug seizures continue across the state at our prisons. Last week an officer seized 32 grams of the dangerous drug K2 from a package of cigars mailed to an inmate and now two more seizures this week. All this does is tie up personnel processing these packages and drugs when they are recovered. Instead of utilizing the Secure Vendor Program and reducing the drugs that are mailed in to inmates,  DOCCS continues to turn a deaf ear to suggestions that will better utilize staff.” – said Bryan Hluska , Central Region Vice President.