Thousand Islands Winery named Best Winery in New York State

ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY (August 31, 2018) – “Taste of Home” is the #1 food magazine in the United States.

This prestigious magazine has identified the nation’s top wineries in each of all 50 states.

Thousand Islands Winery®, Alexandria Bay, New York was named New York’s “Best Winery, 2018”.

Taste of Home: Best Winery in Every State.
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Thousand Islands Winery® is the largest farm winery in Northern New York State due to the large size of its annual wine production. The vineyards at Thousand Islands Winery® are situated next to the majestic

St. Lawrence River allowing the Winery to benefit from a special micro-climate. This ideal grape growing farm is located on a historic farmstead that was established in 1836. The Winery began its operations in 2002. The primary grape varieties being grown at the Winery are Marquette, Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, and La Crescent.

The Winery produces 22 types of wines and has crafted a unique new wine product, New York Wine Slushy®. This new wine product can be used at home or in commercial slushy machines. The popularity of wine slushies began at the New York State Fair, regional restaurants, and at the Winery’s Tasting Room. The high demand of this product led Thousand Islands Winery® to the development and trademark of New York Wine Slushy®.

This ground breaking product is currently only available in New York retail locations and on the Winery website at 2018 marks the 15th-year anniversary for Thousand Islands Winery®. The Winery has been gaining recognition in various wine competitions across the country since 2006 and has been awarded 168 medals in national and international wine competitions.

Additionally, Thousand Islands Winery® was awarded New York Winery of the Year at the New York Food & Wine Classic in 2009 and was voted as Upstate New York’s Best Winery in 2017 by the consumers in an online competition from