Tree vandalism reported in Watertown

WATERTOWN, NY — Over the past two weeks the City’s Parks and Recreation Department has reported multiple occurrences of tree vandalism in Thompson Park.

Additionally, there have been numerous occurrences of vandalism of community-owned trees throughout the City this summer. Vandalism includes breaking branches, damaging the bark, trunk or roots as well as uprooting or felling the tree.

Trees are a significant natural resource and contribute to the amenity and character of our city. Trees provide oxygen, shade and privacy. Trees contribute to reduced costs in cooling for buildings, reduce air and storm water pollution and run off, and extract and store carbon from the atmosphere. Trees also add aesthetic appeal to streets and help to increase property value. The City’s trees are an important asset to the community.

If anyone witnesses tree vandalism in City parks, playgrounds or other City owned
property, please contact Watertown City Police at (315) 782-2233.

News release Aug. 24, 2018