Trooper helps two snowmobilers

NYSP news release

MASSENA, NY —  On 1/21/2023, around 4:44 p.m., Trooper David Carlson from SP Massena was traveling near the intersection of State Highway 11 and State Highway 420 in the town of Stockholm, when he observed a snowmobile overturned on the snowmobile trails.

The trooper was not dispatched to this incident, he took the initiative to stop and see if the two people riding the snowmobiles needed help.

Tracey Labarge and Gary Torbey of Massena, NY, were very pleased to see him because they could not turn the snowmobile back over. They explained to Tpr. Carlson there was a large tree log in the middle of the trail. They attempted to ride the snowmobile over the tree log and as they did the snowmobile overturned. No one was injured during this incident. Labarge and Torbey were concerned because they could not get the snowmobile turned back over alone and one of them was going to have to leave the area to go get help.

When the trooper arrived, he went down to the trail, helped them turn the snowmobile back over and they continued to ride safely.

Labarge and Torbey would like to show their gratitude to Trooper David Carlson.