Two officers attacked at Gouverneur Correctional Facility, union says    

News release

GOUVERNEUR, NY – An inmate serving an eight year sentence for Attempted Robbery attacked an officer in the bathroom after the inmate ignored the officer’s orders to put out a cigarette.

On Monday, Jan. 25, an officer was making routine rounds in one of the dorm bathrooms when he observed an inmate smoking in one of the bathroom stalls.  The officer order the inmate to extinguish the cigarette but he refused. The officer ordered the inmate out of the stall and onto the wall to be frisked. The inmate initially put his hands on the wall and then suddenly turned and started throwing punches at the officer. The inmate was able to strike the officer in the left side of the face. The officer backed up and administered OC spray to the inmate. The inmate continued to come at the officer. The officer grabbed the inmate in a body hold and took him to the floor. The inmate got free, stood up and charged at another officer who was responding to the incident. Two officers grabbed the inmate in a body hold and took him to the floor again. They applied handcuffs and the inmate stopped struggling. As the officers were escorting the inmate from the area he lunged forward and head-butted a third officer.

The inmate, 32, was convicted of first-degree attempted robbery in New York County in 2018. He was placed in a Special Housing Unit following the attack and faces disciplinary charges.

The officer who was assaulted inside the bathroom was transported to an outside hospital for treatment. He sustained a chipped tooth and sprained thumb. He did not return to duty.

The officer who was head-butted sustained bruising to his cheekbone and blurred vision. He was treated at the facility and remained on duty.

A third officer sustained left hip soreness and pain to his lower back subduing the inmate. He remained on duty.

“This was a sudden and unprovoked attack on an officer who was completing routine rounds in the prison.  With watered down disciplinary measures now in effect in our prisons,  this incident is a prime example in which criminal charges should be filed for felony assault on two officers.  I strongly encourage the St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office to file charges against this inmate and hold him accountable for his actions.  A strong message needs to be sent to inmates that violent attacks on staff will not go unpunished. ” – stated Bryan Hluska, NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President.