Union: Contraband seized at Riverview Correctional Facility

OGDENSBURG, NY –  The New York State Correctional Officers Police Benevolent Association released the following statement on Feb. 11, 2020:

An officer working in the package room processing packages for inmates discovered Synthetic Marijuana and ceramic utility blades inside aluminum cans.

The incident occurred on Friday, Feb. 7, at approximately 10:25 a.m. The officer discovered inconsistencies with four cans after x-raying them. Hidden inside the cans were four balloons that contained a green leafy substance.  The officer also discovered five utility blades that were hidden in one of the cans.

The green leafy substance tested positive for Synthetic Marijuana, commonly known as K2.  It weighed just under five ounces.

The contraband was taken as evidence.  The package was mailed from a location in the Bronx to an inmate who is serving a four to eight year sentence for Vehicular Manslaughter 2nd.

“Consistently contraband makes its way into our correctional facilities despite the collective efforts of staff.  It is either mailed in through packages or comes in through inmate visits.  If the administration would adopt a Secure Vendor Program it would help to reduce the amount of dangerous drugs that wind up in the hands of inmates.  Thankfully in this instance, an alert officer stopped not only the deadly drug K2 from getting inside, but utility blades that could be used against staff or other inmates. ” – stated John Roberts, NYSCOPBA Northern Region Vice President.