Union: Inmate throws urine on officer at Gouverneur Correctional Facility

Officer Has Urine Thrown on Him at Gouverneur Correctional Facility

Staff Recover Make-Shift Weapon From Inmate’s Cell         

News release

GOUVERNEUR, NY –  An officer who was collecting lunch trays from inmates who were confined to their cells, had urine thrown on him by an inmate at the medium security correctional facility on Saturday.

The officer was picking up the plastic trays when an inmate, inside his cell, threw a liquid that smelled of urine from a cup through the cell door hatch.  The liquid struck the officer in leg, upper body and face.  A response was called  and the scene was secured.

The officer was taken to the medical facility and decontaminated from the exposure.  After treatment, the officer returned to duty.

A supervisor ordered a search of the inmate’s cell.  During the search, staff located a plastic make-shift weapon sharpened on one end.  The weapon was located in the inmate’s locker underneath his mattress.   The weapon was secured as evidence.

The inmate, 29, is serving a five year sentence after being convicted for second-degree burglary in Queens County in 2021.  He faces internal disciplinary charges in the incident.

“Throwing urine or feces on an officer is one of the most despicable acts an inmate can take.  The officer at Gouverneur was simply performing his duties when he had what appeared to be urine thrown on him, striking him in the face.  The State Legislature made throwing urine or feces on an officer a felony several years ago, hoping that it would deter inmates from taking such action. It clearly has not had that effect.   Now with HALT in full effect, and inmates more brazen, incidents like this should be prosecuted by the district attorney’s office to send a message that there will be ramifications to their actions.  It is literally our last line of defense with a watered down disciplinary system.” – stated Bryan Hluska , Central Region Vice President.