Union: Multiple corrections officers assaulted by inmate at Gouverneur prison

Unprovoked Attack by Inmate Leaves Several Staff Members Injured

News release

GOUVERNEUR, NY – A 46-year-old inmate serving his second prison sentence, recently assaulted multiple officers at the maximum-security facility.

On May 4th, the inmate was being escorted by two officers when, without provocation, the inmate punched one of the officers in the head. The inmate then attacked the second officer, elbowing him in his head and punching him in the chest. That officer fell backwards and hit his head on a door jam. Two nearby officers immediately responded to the scene and aided the officers in getting the inmate to the ground. Though still combative while on the floor, the inmate was handcuffed and complied.

The officers involved were evaluated by medical. The officer who was elbowed and hit his head on the steel door jam, was diagnosed with a concussion and was taken off duty. Two other officers were transported to Gouverneur Hospital for treatment of various bruising and pain but remained on duty. A fourth officer was not injured in the melee.

The inmate, who completed a 20-year rape sentence in 2019, but recently violated his parole and is currently serving a 5-year sentence, was also taken to facility medical to be evaluated and denied suffering from any pain. He was then moved to the RRU and is being held pending disciplinary charges.

“These types of assaults on staff are becoming the norm in our prisons. Inmates with no regard for others feel like they can do anything they want, and sometimes without provocation, and there will be no consequences for their actions. The supporters of the HALT Act are solely to blame for this. Conditions in prisons have never been worse and nothing is going to change unless the Democratic Legislators in Albany come to their senses and restore some semblance of discipline in the prison system. Without it, there is nothing to deter inmates from attacking staff like this.” – stated Bryan Hluska, NYSCOPBA Central Region Vice President.