Union: Officer’s face slashed with metal nail at north country correctional facility

For Immediate Release   

November 3, 2021  

Dannemora, NY –  Two officers sustained lacerations at the maximum security correctional facility after an inmate slashed one officer across the face with a bent metal nail and bit the second officer who was searching him for contraband.

The attacks occurred on Friday, October 29 at approximately 4:50 p.m.   The inmate was coming back from recreation in the yard with other inmates.  He was walking down the mess hall stairs when he suddenly attacked the officer who was monitoring the inmates.  He slashed him across face with an unknown object.  The officer immediately grabbed him in a body hold and forced him to the ground.  On the ground,  the inmate continued to struggle and fight.  Additional staff arrived and OC Spray was administered to the inmate but had no effect.  The officers were able to get the inmate’s arms behind his back while on the ground and apply handcuffs.

Once in handcuffs, the inmate became compliant.

Staff recovered a finishing nail bent at an angle on the ground in the immediate vicinity of the attack.  It is believed to be the weapon the inmate used against the officer.

The inmate was brought to the infirmary to be decontaminated.  In the infirmary,  an officer was conducting a pat frisk of the inmate and noticed a hole in his pants pocket.  The inmate immediately grabbed his pocket and began to struggle with the officer.  He was grabbed in a body hold and forced to the ground.  On the ground,  he continued to fight with officers and bit one officer in the hand and attempted to kick other staff.   During the struggle,  one officer noticed a yellow object in his hand.  He refused to drop the object and continued to struggle with staff.  Staff eventually were able to get the inmate’s hands behind his back and into handcuffs.

Staff recovered a yellow sharpened toothbrush that the inmate dropped on the floor during the struggle.

After the incident, the inmate, 27,  was removed from the facility and transferred to Upstate Correctional Facility.  He is serving an 18 year sentence after being convicted in Kings County for Manslaughter 1st in 2015.

Two officers were injured and needed treatment at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital for their injuries. The officer who was slashed across the face sustained an inch and a quarter laceration to his face.  The officer who was bit in his hand sustained swelling to his right hand and a small laceration to his finger.

Both officers were treated and released.

State police were notified of the incident. “Both violent attacks on these two officers  are exactly the reason why a watered down disciplinary system will continue to have no deterrence on unprovoked attacks.  This latest assault comes on the heels of an officer who was stabbed in the arm by an inmate at Elmira Correctional Facility last week.  Our elected officials, who have continually advocated for these weakened policies,  should look these officers in the eyes so they fully understand the violence they are subjected to every day.  These continued attacks are simply unacceptable in our eyes!” – stated, NYSCOPBA Northern Region Vice President John Roberts.