Union: Officers seize drugs at Cape Vincent Correctional Facility

CAPE VINCENT, NY – NYSCOPBA (New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc.) released the following statement on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020:

Officers seized Synthetic Marijuana in the form of white sheets of paper after searching a facility dorm following  several inmates having to be revived after apparently overdosing.

On Friday, January 17, at approximately 1:15 a.m., an officer noticed a 50 year old inmate convulsing on his bed.  The officer called for a medical response and staff administered Narcan to the inmate. He became conscious shortly thereafter.

On Saturday, January 18,  at approximately 12:05 p.m.,  two inmates were found unresponsive in the dorm bathroom.  Medical staff administered three doses of Narcan to one of the inmates before he regained consciousness.

Both inmates were taken to the infirmary.  In the infirmary, one of the inmates became agitated and kicked one officer and attempted to head-butt another.  The officers forced the inmate to the floor where he continued to struggle.  OC Spray was administered to the inmate and he became compliant.

Both officers sustained injuries during the incident.  One officer sustained a broken thumb and pain to his knee.  The second officer had pain to his right hand and shin.

On Sunday, January 19, at approximately 10:10 a.m., an officer found an inmate on the bathroom floor unresponsive.  Medical staff administered Narcan and the inmate regained consciousness.

All inmates were treated by medical staff at the facility or at an outside hospital.  They will face disciplinary charges.

Supervisors ordered a search of the dorm where the inmates were housed.  Officers located multiple pieces of white sheets of paper in several inmate’s cubes.  The sheets were seized as evidence and tested positive for Synthetic Marijuana, commonly known as K2.

“Our members are working diligently to stop the flow of contraband that is flooding our facilities. Despite their efforts, the drugs are still making their way into the prisons.  In particular, the dangers of Synthetic Marijuana was clearly evident at Cape Vincent when four inmates overdosed in the course of three days.  The quick action of the officers and medical staff likely saved those inmate’s lives.      Once again,  I am calling on DOCCS to implement a Secure Vendor Program in each facility.  Seizures are now a daily occurrence in facilities across the state and it needs to be addressed by the administration. “  – stated Bryan Hluska, Central Region Vice President.