Union: Three officers have urine thrown on them at Gouverneur Correctional Facility

Three Officers Treated at Local Hospital for Exposure             

News release

GOUVERNEUR, NY –  Three officers were treated for exposure at a local hospital last week when two inmates threw urine on them, striking them in the face in two separate incidents at the medium security correctional facility.

On Thursday, May 25, two officers were making routine rounds in a cell block and approached a cell with two inmates inside.  When the two officers approached the cell, one inmate threw urine at the officers from a milk carton, striking both officers in the face and chest.  The officers were treated at the facility infirmary and transported to Gouverneur Hospital for further treatment.

Both officers did not return to duty after the incident.

The inmate, 26, is serving a three year sentence after being convicted in Kings County in 2022 for Criminal Possession of a Weapon second-degree.

The second throwing incident occurred on Wednesday, May 31. An officer conducting security rounds approached the recreation pen.  An inmate inside the pen began talking with the officer. The inmate then took a bowl that contained an unknown liquid and threw it at the officer, striking him in the face and chest.  The liquid smelled of urine. The officer was initially treated at the infirmary. He was transported to Gouverneur Hospital for treatment of exposure to bodily fluids.

The officer returned to duty after being released from the hospital.

The inmate, 28, is serving a five year sentence after being convicted in Dutchess County in 2022 for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance third-degree and Promoting Prison Contraband first-degree. It is his third stint in state prison since 2012.

“Throwing urine or feces on staff is one of the most vile things an inmate can do to an officer.  In the majority of the incidents,  officers have no way of defending themselves and often, the exposure occurs to the face or upper body. The act in itself is a felony under New York State Penal Law and justifiably so. The two inmates involved in these two throwing incidents are currently serving relatively short sentences. Both men should be prosecuted for their actions and held accountable. Hopefully that will send a message that there will be ramifications for such despicable actions.” – stated Bryan Hluska , Central Region Vice President.