Update: 661 Factory Street housing

News release

WATERTOWN, NY –  On the evening of Monday, August 9th, Jefferson County officials were notified of a large number of Watertown City residents that had been displaced as a result of their apartment building, located at 661 Factory Street, being condemned.

Several County departments including Department of Social Services, Community Services, and Public Health were notified by County Administration and quickly mobilized to assist.

Over the following 10 days, numerous area agencies were tasked with providing various services including: finding alternative housing, maintaining hygiene and sanitary conditions at the site, the sourcing and assembling of on-site emergency shelters, logistical coordination of food, water and hygiene items, crisis counseling, care coordination, connection to healthcare, and many other necessities.

As of Tuesday, August 17th, all remaining residents of 661 Factory Street were provided basic essentials and, if willing, were connected to any and all community supports available to them. All unopened food, water, and hygiene items that had been generously donated by agencies and our community were transported to a
representative of the Jefferson County Food and Shelter Committee for equitable distribution to area food pantries to continue to support those displaced to various communities.

Jefferson County would like to acknowledge and thank the community for their compassion, kindness, and generosity toward people in crisis and are appreciative for all the assistance during this emergency response.


Jefferson County Community Services, Aug. 19, 2021