Walczyk comments on Hochul budget

ALBANY, NY —  Earlier today Governor Hochul released a 227 billion dollar budget that increases state and federal spending by 2.4%. This budget represents a non sustainable attack on the pockets of every day New Yorkers and completely misses the mark when addressing real issues for Upstate New Yorkers. The Senator reacts:

“Today’s released budget from the Governor shows how out of touch she is with everyday New Yorkers and the daily issues we face. In a week where Upstate New Yorkers have the potential to see sub-zero temperatures, Governor Hochul releases a plan that will exponentially grow their energy bills and make heating their homes simply unaffordable.  New Yorkers want to have economic stability, peace of mind in public safety, and trust in a government to maintain fiscal responsibility. Instead, New Yorkers get a budget that will increase the cost of living all while increasing tax credits for Hollywood productions to 700 million dollars and increasing the tax cap for Broadway musicals to 300 million dollars. This disaster will lead New Yorkers to see this budget for what it truly is, somewhere between a comedy and a tragedy. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t a musical the Governor is messing with, it’s our way of life. I look forward to debating this awful budget with my colleagues every step of the way to fight for a better New York.”