Walczyk: All prisons in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties to remain open

ALBANY, NY — Today we received word the prisons in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties have been spared closure.

Livingston Correctional Facility and Lincoln Correctional Facility are being slated for closure.

Walczyk said, “Given the number of families that would’ve been impacted from the
closures, I’m pleased to see that the state understands the impact that these jobs have had on our communities. I will continue to fight for good jobs and ample opportunities here in the Front Yard of America.”

Livingston Correctional Facility is a medium security state prison in Sonyea, Livingston County, New York.

Lincoln Correctional Facility is a minimum-security men’s prison located at 31–33 West 110th Street in Manhattan, facing the north side of Central Park. Since 1991 it has been used primarily as a work-release center for drug offenders; however, around 5% of the roughly 275 inmates it houses are white collar criminals.

“I’ve said from the start, if the Governor wants to save money by closing prisons, he needs to look downstate at the facilities that have resale value and are the most expensive to operate. Livingston Correctional would be a good example and my hope is that if closures are looked at in future years – they’ll see closing prisons in Manhattan works better for everyone,” Walczyk concluded.