Walczyk’s ‘Brain Trust’ reports on his possible Assembly run

News Release

WATERTOWN, NY — Over the last month, an Exploratory Committee brought together a brain trust of community members, leaders, taxpayers, citizens, and voters to explore the viability of Watertown City Councilman Mark Walczyk’s run for New York’s 116th Assembly District.

The committee identified do’s and don’ts, strengths and weaknesses of the proposed candidacy.

The comments from a few committee members reflect the overwhelmingly positive sentiment:

“He is straight forward, helpful and he says what is on his mind. He is very active in the community” says Traci Harris (Watertown, NY).

“Mark is young, energetic, brings new ideas, new perspective. He needs to highlight his successful policy changes and fiscal victories from there” says Nick Friot (Ogdensburg, NY).

Greg Skipton (Watertown, NY) thinks Mark is “genuinely honest, he will be able to appeal to people in both parties as someone who truly has the needs of the North Country at the forefront of his mind.”

“Mark is a refreshing face, and as a Democrat, I have full faith that his non-partisan advocacy, and his fair and unbiased approach is exactly what we need more of in Government.” says John P. Cole (Antwerp, NY)

“Personality is welcoming, and he exudes energy and excitement, approachable and friendly, has leadership qualities. Honest in his convictions. Stands up for what he believes.” Meredith George (Watertown, NY)

“…I also think that if anyone can beat her it’s Mark.” Fred Bean (Ogdensburg, NY)

Walczyk, 32, won his seat on Watertown’s Council in 2015 by a nearly 30% margin with 2,567 votes. Until recently, he served as District Director to State Senator Patty Ritchie. He also serves in the US Army Reserve.

He graduated from Central Square High School in 2003 and from the University at Albany in 2007 with a BA in History. Mark is an Eagle Scout and 4-time Ironman Triathlete.