Washington Summit acquiring AAA building as part of C.A.N.I. expansion

WATERTOWN, NY – Washington Summit Associates Managing Partner Michael E. Lundy announced today that he is in the process of purchasing the property and building at 19482 US-11, home to AAA-Watertown, NY.

The building and property are immediately adjoining The Commons at Washington Summit (formerly called the C.A.N.I. Building), Outer Washington Street.

Mr. Lundy will be presenting site plans for the property to the Town of Watertown Planning Board today (Monday March 2).

He briefly explained the plans. “We plan to physically dismantle the AAA building
and relocate it to lot #7 in Washington Summit where it will be reconstructed as part of a new, modern 4,200 sq. ft office space for sale or lease. The building is part modular and part frame, and we have experience doing something similar to this with the original office building of Dr. David Rechlin, which we moved and repurposed to the current site of New York Heart Center in Washington Summit.”

Mr. Lundy also noted that they will be taking the footprint where AAA was located and reconfigure the parking for The Commons (C.A.N.I.). Plans also call for a 2,000 sq. ft. addition to the front of The Commons which will be the new home of AAA-Watertown.

Work will begin as soon as the purchase is complete and planning review is concluded, and the necessary permits are issued.

Washington Summit Associates acquired the C.A.N.I building, and additional eight acres of property, in the fall of 2019 to incorporate into the Washington Summit Medical Professional Complex. Renovations have been ongoing and new tenants such as Northern Nurse Practitioners have already relocated there, with more to be announced in the very near future. Washington Summit has grown into the home of almost 20 different practices, plus Samaritan’s Summit Village, and have over 650 total employees working there.