Watertown Golf Club opening public driving range

News release

WATERTOWN, NY —  A new recreational opportunity will soon be available in Thompson Park – A public driving range at the Watertown Golf Club. The newly reconstructed driving range will be open to the public and feature an automated ball dispenser, which allows for extended hours and ease of use.

The new driving range is located next to the clubhouse. Parking is available at the lot right next to it. The 12,000-ball automated ball dispenser accepts credit and debit cards, or tokens. The driving range will have distance markers, flags and targets. Clubs are available if you do not own your own.

Michael E. Lundy, President of the Watertown Golf Club, commented on the driving range. “Driving ranges are very popular with all ages. Many people don’t necessarily want to golf 9 or 18 holes, or spend several hours on the course. It is very popular to go to a driving range and hit a bucket of balls. In fact, many times it is a family event where the children go with a parent or parents. Our driving range will meet the needs of the “bucket of balls” audience, or for the more serious golfer, help them sharpen their game.”

Mr. Lundy also added that because there is no other public driving range in the city there was an unmet demand. “It also is a great location to have one – Thompson Park. So many people are up at the Park on a daily basis, for a variety of recreational reasons, and this provides another great option.”

The opening date will be posted on the Watertown Golf Club’s Facebook and web page in the very near future.

For more information call the Watertown Golf Club Pro Shop at 315-782-4040.