Watertown Police Dept. statement about false report on Haley Street

WATERTOWN, NY — Last evening around 9:30 PM, Dispatch received a phone call from a person claiming he was holding his family hostage and that he had shot someone at their house on Haley Street in the city.

Uniformed patrols and a crisis negotiator responded to the 200 block of Haley Street where we blocked off the street. New York State troopers and Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies responded to scene to assist.

In addition, city firemen and Guilfoyle Ambulance crews were also dispatched and standing by to assist anyone who may have been injured.

After a short time, we were able to make contact with the occupants of the house and learned no one was injured nor was anyone being held hostage. The family is cooperating with the investigation.

At this time, we are investigating the false report of the above incident.

We are asking anyone with knowledge of the identity of the caller to contact our department at (315) 782-2233.