Watertown City School District awarded school safety excellence award by insurance group

WATERTOWN, NY — The Watertown City School District has been awarded the Utica National Insurance Group’s “School Safety Excellence Award” for 2019. The honor is presented annually in recognition of school districts’ efforts to keep students, staff and visitors safe.

“Safety and health concerns continue to be a priority in our school districts,” said Brian Saville, Resident Senior Vice President in Utica National’s Educational Institutions Unit. “Districts that go above and beyond to provide a safe, healthy and focused culture for learning are to be applauded, and we’re pleased to count the Watertown City School District among them.”

Superintendent Patti LaBarr accepted the district’s award at Utica National’s
annual school safety seminar, held on March 20 th at the Watertown Hilton Garden

“The security of our children and of our entire school community is of utmost importance,” said Mrs. LaBarr. “We are honored to be recognized for the essential effort we invest in the safety of our schools.”